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As I write this, the Energy Industry in Canada has found its swagger again and is showing how relevant it still is. Successive years of under investing in Oil and Gas development is now pushing these commodities higher. Pipeline capacity has increased and will improve even more with the addition of the Transmountain expansion. If you are in the pipeline industry, chances are that the pipeline you are familiar with – is full and profitable. The power grid is also changing with the addition of massive solar and wind farms and will benefit from the new electrification revolution. There is much to be optimistic about.

There are of course challenges to the Energy Industry, including labor shortfalls, carbon costs and world-wide resolve to reduce our emissions. Our government is doubling down on emissions control and carbon pricing. Oil and Gas producers have been waiting on more clarity on how the compliance controls will work, and how their investments will be recognized. The Energy Industry has proven to be innovative and flexible: it will survive and will do so with carbon neutral practices. Canada will have a competitive advantage in the world with a brand that embraces ESG values. 

West Country Energy has continued to expand and focus on Fugitive Leak Detection and Emissions Surveys. This is an integral part of our business, which has become even more exciting with the addition of Energy AI surveillance. Fixed cameras are trained to alert about specific site anomalies including fugitive emissions, security risks, tank levels and liquid spills. With continual monitoring 24/7/365 we can harness the power of artificial intelligence to reduce risks. Real time monitoring allows for early detection, which in turn limits monetary loss and environmental damage. The Energy infrastructure is where West Country Energy has always focused its services. We are committed to being a trusted partner with your emissions reduction goals and other Environmental risk mitigation services. 

Another recent company highlight is the addition of an operating base in S.E. Saskatchewan. This expansion compliments our long-standing base in Swift Current. We look forward to providing the same strong and predictable level of service that our existing clients in other areas are used to. We are committed to continuing to support local business and communities.

And finally, I would like to thank our clients for the work they have provided us. West Country understands that we need to earn this work every year, and we never take it for granted. We also could not operate without great vendors providing good services and products to West Country. In addition, thanks to all our employees for their dedication and contributions over the past year. We are proud of the skilled team we have cultured over the years. 


Gary Godberson

Company PresidentGary Godberson
West Country Energy Services