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In Canada we are now approaching a full year with the Covid-19 Pandemic. It certainly has added new challenges for all of us. As a business, our client list is weighted to infrastructure services. Fortunately, this makes us an essential service company. 

The recent Texas cold front and the widespread collapse of power and heating infrastructure affected millions of people. There were even fatalities. This event underscored the importance of power grids, pipelines, and other infrastructure to society. Our company works every day for the companies that provide the essential services that allow our lifestyles to exist as we know it. 

West Country Energy Services is a Canadian company.  I bring this simple fact to your attention for a reason. For years now, I have noticed the continual transformation of our competitors and our suppliers to being foreign owned. This effectively means that dollars are flowing out of Western Canada, at a time when the economy needs to be revived. We will favour Canadian based suppliers and hope that a Canadian service company means something to our clients as well.

There is no escaping the fact that we are in a fundamental shift to alternative and greener energy sources. As we can all see, new pipeline proposals are being challenged with every legal tool available and blocked by protesters at every new project. It is now painfully obvious that there are almost too many challenges and corresponding economic risks for any new pipeline project to proceed. In fact, existing lines such as Enbridge’s Line 5 through Michigan are facing unrealistic demands at the state level as they try and upgrade a pipeline that has safely delivered products for over 60 years.

What we do have already is an incredibly large pipeline system and hydrocarbon infrastructure in North America. A regulatory condition to moving natural gas and associated liquids is that all leaks and methane emissions are being identified and measured. This is where we fit in. This is not only good for business, but also a necessity for the environment we live in.

If you are an existing customer familiar with our Vegetation Management programs, we would like to show you what we can do in the Pipeline Integrity space. We offer a very strong team with the experience and technology needed to deliver an efficient and cost-effective program. In closing, I would like to thank all our employees for their hard work and commitment to building a better company. To our clients, we appreciate the work you provide and the partnerships we have made over the years. Our vision statement remains unchanged as, “West Country is the preferred provider of infrastructure services; committed to positive client and public partnerships. 


Gary Godberson

Company President

Gary Godberson

West Country Energy Services