A Message FromOur President

It appears that some economic growth has returned to Western Canada, although it is somewhat tentative so far. The “survivors” have all learned how to operate efficient companies and squeeze every nickel that comes their way. There are still many challenges to our clients, and this includes electrical deregulation, captive and low priced natural gas, pipeline wars and carbon taxes.

We all know that good people are paramount to the success of any service company. West Country Energy is 100% committed to identifying the best talent, engaging them and investing in their professional development. Our company continues to grow, and this is a testament to our strong and dedicated team. What has really been successful is the “bottom up” approach to hiring and promotion. The mid-tier, or field lead supervisors are absolutely where service companies win or lose the service level battle.

West Country Energy continues to perform at a higher level of service when focusing on large projects such as infrastructure and plant sites. The larger projects need multi-level supervision and experienced project management. This is where we do best.

The leak detection division continues to grow in Western Canada. Our non-intrusive mobile surveys are very cost competitive for our clients and we are now preparing for the imminent changes in methane / GHG fugitive emissions legislation. West Country Energy pipeline inspection and leak detection personnel have extensive experience in all types of work, from the smallest utility lines to high pressure transmission lines. We also provide gas migration surveys and other specialized pipeline surveys. Our leak detection team is backed by accurate and reliable technology, which allows us to provide quality work at an affordable price.

I would like to sincerely thank all our clients for choosing West Country Energy over the past year. We value your continued partnership and are always willing to find better solutions to your specific needs and challenges. We will never take your work for granted – that is a promise. We want to earn your work and loyalty every year!

To the people of West Country Energy, thank you for you hard work and loyalty. We can’t do it without you!

Gary Godberson

Company President

Gary Godberson

West Country Energy Services