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25 Jun


Clean Connect AI - Partnership

Optical visualization

West Country Energy Services is pleased to announce that we have signed a new partnership with Clean Connect AI. Our partners are based in Colorado and serve the Energy Industry throughout the United States. Clean Connect combines cutting edge Energy AI technology with data from thermal, OGI and other cameras and sensors. This allows energy companies to produce Clean Energy at a Profit.


20 Oct

West Country Oilfield Services was born in the oilfields of Western Alberta. Over time, West Country has grown our business out of the foothills and become a trusted vendor throughout Western Canada. Our client base has now expanded beyond the Oil and Gas industry to include Pipeline and Power clients as well.

16 Jun

Keaton RD ManagerWest Country Energy Services is proud to announce that Keaton Miller is the new Red Deer Division Manager. Keaton has come a long way since his original hire date of April 30th, 2018.

He grew up in nearby Old’s, and graduated from Red Deer College with a Financial Services diploma. Keaton loves outdoor activities, and his favorite sport is baseball. He was hired on as a seasonal herbicide applicator, promoted to the role of General Foreman and is now the Manager. A great accomplishment for sure!  

Gary Godberson, President