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West Country Energy Services has recently added Emissions Management Services to our suite of services available to our clients. This includes Fugitive Emission and Electrical Surveys.

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Fugitive Emission Surveys

Unintentional equipment leaks in oil and gas facilities, regarded as fugitive emissions, account for nearly 10% of the overall inventory of methane releases in the country. As of January 1, 2020, government implemented regulations compel duty holders to inspect, report, repair and take action to reduce their fugitive emission inventory on applicable facilities.

A partnership with West Country ensures that our clients will:

  • Recover Fugitive Product: 80% of fugitive emissions can be remedied by our proactive approach and the repair of large volume emitters.
  • Data Management: A strong and secure Data Management System is the core of a successful Fugitive Emissions Management Program (FEMP). West Country partners with industry leading web-based providers to assist clients in managing data that includes inventory loss, loss projections, and repair confirmations.
  • Maintain Compliance: West Country partners with our clients to ensure they meet Federal and Provincial Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) requirements.
  • Industry Best Technicians & Technology: West Country utilizes certified technicians, quality assurance / competency programs and regulator approved technology like FLIR’s Optical Gas Imaging cameras and accompanying gas flow measurement tools.

We are adamant that the road through compliance is paved with industry awareness, integrity and strong partnerships with our clients. Our dedicated staff is focused on ensuring our valued clients maintain compliance and secure their lost product.

Electrical Inspections

On any given facility or location there can be hundreds, if not thousands, of electrical components all transmitting vast amounts of energy from one point to another. Our Emissions Management Inspectors can assist our clients by:

  • Limiting Downtime: West Country can perform electrical inspections while the facility is in operation, allowing our clients to be fully prepared to remedy any anomalies located ahead of a planned shutdown.
  • Verifying Safety: Our Infrared Cameras can highlight minute differences in surface temperatures; differences that could reveal defective components before disaster strikes.
  • Saving Money: Preventative maintenance is believed to be 1/7 the the cost of a catastrophic failure. A partnership with West Country saves our clients money by avoiding unnecessary downtime and loss of production.
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Testimonials What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Crescent Point Energy has been using West Country in several areas for a couple of years with zero field or land owner issues. Their equipment and operators are top notch and there computerized print out of each location eliminates any issues.

    Roy Montgomery, Production ForemanCantuar Crescent Point Energy